Stories, Poems, & Electronic Essays

Tales about castaways & children

on a hard journey to a safe place.

  • To encourage a practical/spiritual approach to teaching & parenting.
  • To discuss dangers to children—war-torn & broken homes, fatherlessness, predators, bullying, alienation.
  • To speak for the outcast & the disadvantaged.
  • To be more aware of learning differences, enabling us to reach & teach every child.
  • To advocate for conscious parenting.
  • To gather us in & share ideas about building the foundations of security for all children everywhere.

“Bob” blogs on conscious parenting, a practical/spiritual approach to raising and teaching children plus what he’s learned about writing and understanding prose & poetry (and plays in the backyard sandbox, just having fun poking at stuff) at Bridges & Burrows

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Copyrighted material on these web pages is intended for “fair use,” i.e., for study, review or critical analysis. At the request of the copyright owner(s), it will be removed.. Please report broken links, missing images and other errors to rapierpen@hotmail.com


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  3. Thanks for the compliment. Sorry to delete your URL but it seems to be a dead link.

  4. Your blog never ceases to amaze me, it is very well written and organized..;:,:

  5. I was chatting with my friend on MSN about this and I’ve got to say that I completely agree with the poster near the beginning. And on a side note, I really like the colors you used for your blog. What theme is this?

    • Scroll down to the bottom of any page on this web site and you’ll see that the theme is called “Ocean Mist.” I’d be interested to hear exactly what you’re in agreement with regarding the previous poster.

  6. Troop 2, Appleton, Wisconsin…
    Carroll College, 1969, BA English

    Been a while since Susie and I got married, joined Peace Corps, fled the US for Canada… Am working on book about US Vietnam war resistors. Drop me a note if you’re the Bob I remember from Scouts.


    • Yup, aka Bob the Bard and Rapierpen. God bless the internet! It’s so great to connect with you again. I’d love to hear more about your Vietnam War resistors book. As you’ve seen, even though I was fortunate to not serve in the war (I think you remember how that turned out for me), I am trying to help those who did and especially to help the families of those vets and of the vets of our more recent wars. Really great to hear from you again, Ed! Sounds like you’re putting your professional journalist experience to good use. Let me know if you’re on Facebook and Twitter; we could connect there, too.

  7. I work with the BBC World Service and planning a show on the article on Depression’s Upside, which I saw you tweeted. Would you care to comment on our show World Have Your Say? about what you thought about it? It would be tomorrow at 6pm UK time. Our website is http://www.worldhaveyoursay.com
    My email is nuala.mcgovern@bbc.co.uk if you could email me how to reach you.
    Very best,
    Nuala McGovern

    • Nuala~~

      Thanks for the invitation, but I think it best to decline. Not sure that my schedule will allow me to be available around 12 noon Central time in the States. There was a similarly intriguing article about the adaptive advantages of anorexia nervosa that was published in Science magazine a while ago. I passed that along on the Internet as well through Twitter and Facebook. With both conditions or “disorders,” one can feel victimized and, well, afflicted, rather than blessed-in-disguise. I think that being able to see some sort of silver lining, some usefulness in that which seems so debilitating and oppressive to live with is a great help in enabling one to not condemn oneself and not uncritically accept the judgments of others. I don’t know if seeing the upside of depression or of anorexia would greatly deter others from “blaming the victim,” but the less the “victim” sees themselves as somehow at fault, or as bearing some punishment, or being weird or isolated or at odds with so-called normal people, the better for everyone. I guess that I’ve just had my say. If you’d like to use this on air, feel free. Robert Henderson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Good luck with your show. Cheerio!

  8. I wish you had an RSS feed. Am I missing it? In the meantime, if you tweet some enticing lines from your posts, I will read and RT. Good Stuff.

    Facebook Meryl Steinberg

    • Thanks for your interest, Meryl. As soon as I figure out how to start an RSS feed, I’ll dish up postings that you won’t have to come to the site to learn about. Until then, I’ll keep up Bob the Bard twittering.

    • Well, I gave it a shot. Did I set up my RSS feed the right way? If so, please shoot me an attaboy.

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